Isabel Conover DeNyse – Complete Course of Dressmaking in Twelve Lessons

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00cThere was this Australian bookshop that had a set, and was willing to ship it so now it’s in our possession and scanned.

It is a sewing book (well, twelve small ones), not a needlework book. How many of you are interested in old sewing pattern books? I do remember the copies of Petersons Magazine had some sewing patterns as well, though they were more an indication of how the pattern should look, rather than a graded, pre-notched, fullsize pattern on a pattern sheet.


This is a basic course about how-to-sew. The patterns are small sketches without size indication, like those in Petersons Magazine and Beyers Buch der Wasche. From what I have seen elsewhere I think it’s 1920-1930, so no crinolines.

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