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5349643251_ee13c5921c_nA while ago I acquired a collection of frames in various shapes to make Tenerife lace / sol lace / spiderweb lace, whatever it is called.

Recently I got around to scanning them. I put the images on Flickr, since it’s not really old lace patterns, it’s old lace tools.

Here’s the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8117509@N02/sets/72157625684113791

Some are missing (3-8-10-19/30), but there was a makers catalog with them which I can’t find at the moment, and that listed them all including sketches. If I find that catalog, I’ll add the sketches.

A wood expert informed me that the wood was likely pear wood. Since some are damaged badly, I asked him what replicas would cost – a lot, if they are to be made in pear wood. However, 6mm MDF would also do fine. With these pictures, anybody so inclined might make them him- or herself. I know I will have the missing and damaged items replaced that way.

Perhaps it is superfluous to mention that the shape of the lace is not determined by the outer or inner limits of the tool, but by the end of the cuts. I left the partially finished lace on, so that you can see that for yourself.
The needles shown are weaving needles, a bit smaller than the ones that were already in my possession.

I hope this is useful.

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