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4595978715_679ea92840_mFor those who are interested, I posted pictures on Flickr of fabrics decorated with stipwerk, a traditional way of imitating expensive printed fabrics.
I bought a bunch of remnants at a local auction site and scanned them as best as possible.

Here is the link.

Later I might add a few pictures of our own efforts at this technique.

Nowadays the printed fabric is cheaper than the imitation 🙂 and after we tried it, we quite understood why.
I hope to add more if I can find more. I have plenty of other pictures of items at local auctions, but alas, they are under copyright. I might put up the redrawn patterns, those will be my own work.

Anybody has a piece of this type of fabric and wants to add to the patterns, please reply with the link of the picture. I’ll add the pattern to the list of to-be-done work – quite a stack, by now…

Anybody has comments or own similar work, I’d be glad to hear it.

Best wishes everybody,


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